Around 18 million people in Germany suffer from mental illness

Every year in Germany 27.8% of the adult population are affected by a mental illness.

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Mental health in focus

For us at visanox, mental health is an integral part of a fulfilled life. The number of sick days due to mental illnesses has been rising continuously for years. In 2016, just under 15% of lost working days were due to mental illness. At 43%, such illnesses are also the most frequent reason for early retirement. With our software, epilepsy and schizophrenia can be diagnosed correctly, easily and quickly. With this we want to contribute to a better diagnosis and early detection of the diseases. Our software will be supplemented by further diseases in the future.

1 mio.
Mentally ill people in Germany
1 .000
Germans suffer from schizophrenia
1 .000
Germans suffer from epilepsy

visanox stands for

Reliable diagnostics

With an accuracy of over 90%, we support doctors daily in finding the correct diagnosis. A correct diagnosis is the most important step towards the best possible treatment.

Better remission rates

With the diseases diagnosed by our software, the long-term healing chances of the patients increase through early, correct diagnosis. This relieves the burden on physicians and creates trust among patients.

Long-term support

visanox provides long-term support for patients and their relatives. In this way, the collected data can be stored and risk patients can be examined cyclically for the outbreak of the disease in the long term.

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After depression, alcohol addiction and dementia, schizophrenia is the fourth most common mental illness worldwide and has a suicide rate of about 10%. Further information can be found here:
Epilepsy is one of the most common and serious brain diseases. A total of about 65 million people worldwide are affected by the neurological disorder. Further information can be found here:
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