software by visanox

visanox’s software supports physicians in their everyday clinical work in diagnosing schizophrenia, epilepsy and dementia. Artificial neural networks are used to search for disease patterns within patients’ EEG data. The current beta version of the software already achieves a diagnostic accuracy of over 95%.

Become a Partner

In order to further improve the software, we are currently looking for additional partners to test the beta version in everyday clinical use. Become a partner today and increase the diagnostic accuracy in your clinic with the visanox software!


rapid diagnoses

The software generates a detailed report within a few minutes. With this new information, doctors can be supported in their rapid diagnosis.

long-term nature

visanox offers the possibility of long-term care for your patients. In this way, risk patients can be examined cyclically for the outbreak of disease. The collected data can be stored anonymously and protected on our servers.

diagnostic accuracy

The diagnostic accuracy of the software is over 95%. Combined with the observations of the physician, it is therefore possible to diagnose with almost 100% accuracy and quickly.


The software was perfectly adapted to everyday clinical use. The ease of use avoids errors. The intuitive operability also saves valuable time. Simple, fast, efficient.

With visanox for correct diagnosis

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